Reasons to Avoid Pornography

Most arguments against pornography have to do with consequences. If we accept that God's good gifts of sex and marriage are to be valued and protected, , we will be concerned about choices that destroy sexual virtue.

Here are four reasons to be concerned;

1.Pornography obscures the sin of mistreating our neighbour.
Because all women are the "neighbours" of men ( and men of women), they should be treated respectfully; not as objects for personal pleasure, if we are to " avoid sexual immorality". ( 1 Thess. 4:3).

What are we to make of any medium that portrays human bodies as mere objects? These " objects of lust" are real people. To reduce them to body parts and sexual performance tools dehumanizes them. Some would argue that these images are not people, andtherefore cannot be violated. But can we so easily separate our treatment of photographic images and people made in God's image?

Others are also mistreated by pornography; including those who feel shame and disgust when they happen to see degrading images, and those who feel betrayed and victimized when a spouse or friend accesses scenes that should be restricted to spousal intimacy.

When the biblical virtues of love, modesty; purity and chastity are suppressed by lust, exhibitionism, decadence, and promiscuity, all of these involved are hurt.

If, before marriage, we see each other only as sexual objects, how will we stop doing so once married? What will happen in relationships with people other than one's spouse? A life free of pornography predisposes us to love our neighbours better as thinking and feeling human beings.

2.Pornography normalizes and invites sexual immorality.
In the digitally manipulated world of centerfolds, the human body is smoothed to " perfection", defined in limited (often surgically enhanced) shapes, and displayed in ways that encourage fantasy "relationships". Premarital intercourse, adultery,
multiple-partner sex, homosexuality and bi-sexuality are graphically displayed and promoted, dulling the viewer's conscience.

Many viewers says that after indulging in pornography, they think of the opposite sex almost exclusively in sexual terms, judging them physically and fantasizing about sex acts. If we think promiscuously , when will these thoughts leads to actions?

3.Pornography that contains violence stimulates aggressive behavior.

Decades of research show that viewers of violent pornography become more aggressive towards females who anger them. Many viewers who could not imagine themselves stooping to sexual violence find themselves gradually
accepting what they watch, and believing the participants deserve what they get.

While few viewers become sex criminals, many suffer looses in gentleness and sensitivity, self -control and patience. In addition, the consumer of pornography
supports an industry that habitually uses violence against those who pose.

4.Pornography can injure fidelity and intimacy in marriage.

Several studies show that exposure to non-violent sexually explicit materials results in higher expectations for sexual activity, higher tolerance for deviant forms of sexual experience, lower esteem for women rated as " average" in attractiveness, and less satisfaction in the level of love for one's spouse. Young people may falsely assume they are" getting sexual experimentation out of their systems", When they actually building patterns that can significantly hamper their future.

According to researcher Patrick Carnes, pornography -viewing often becomes a
habit, even an addiction . What if one's spouse is deeply hurt by this focus on others bodies? How can any relationship live up to a fantasy, since by definition a
fantasy is about one person exercising absolute control? In many ways pornography challenges the marriage covenant. Faithfulness includes the mind, a perspective Jesus addressed when he observed that " anyone who looks at a
woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart"( Math, 5:28).


Ryan's dad referred to managing his temptation as a " long and difficult road". As the metaphor plays itself out, two important implications are clear : First, staying on the right road means staying off the wrong roads-the ones that look attractive but hide potholes, predators, or a drop--off to certain destruction. Some of us need to be honest and admit we are already traveling these wrong roads.

Second, staying on the right road requires focussing on our destination. When we're approaching home after a long trip away; the side streets aren't very tempting. For Christians, that's ultimately when we're headed:

Home. The same Jesus who promised us a room in His Father's house said that He would be with us until we arrive safely. Our goal in life is not to "avoid looking at pornography", but to be so involved in our Journey with Jesus that the streets of heaven are more attractive than anything else.

Christians should follow Paul's advice to develop God's site By choosing to view whatever is TRUE, NOBLE, RIGHT, PURE, LOVELY, or ADMIRABLE. ( phili: 4: 8 )
( By Dr: Spencer. Moodly Monthly, Jul &Aug. 1999 )

If you are struggling with internet pornography, contact us and we will help you with print resources and Internet resources.

Wishing you peace and progress - John Sebastian


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